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Bagley Deep Diving Minnow B 04

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The Deep Diving Minnow B is built for those fishermen who want to get deep but also want a lively action even when using heavy trolling line.

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Starting with the classic Minnow B body frame, we altered the interior weighting to allow for a deeper angle of descent and of course added a deep diving swimming lip specifically designed to get it deep but also to create a vigorous and wide swimming action that is un-mistakenly Bagley. Designed by Jarmo Rapala to be the next great trolling bait for serious fishermen everywhere. Tie one on.


Deep Diving Minnow B04
4”3/8 oz14-18′2

Tie on 12-17 pound test line to maximize its lively action.  Made from durable ABS resin and designed with an extra-long weighted swimming lip that is locked into the baits body for added strength.  This bait will run 15-20 feet deep.  Cast and retrieve with variable speeds or slow troll to flaunt its incredible action.