Bassday Pellet Pellet F


Bassday Pellet Pellet è l’imitazione del classico mangime delle trote iridee: il pellet.

Si capiscono pertanto facilmente le potenzialità di questo prodotto nel trout area.

Lungo appena 20mm è disponibile nelle versioni F (floating 1.2g), SS ( slow sinking 1.9g) e S (sinking 2.4g).

Dotato di amo singolo senza ardiglione in coda.

PelletPellet F
Size : 20mm Weight : 1.2g
Hook : Single#8(Barbless) Ring : #0
Action : Wobbling


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Just letting it drift is OK! Warning “plopping” sound bite.

In the form of a pellet that is a staple food used for farmed trout. When you cast just let it drift away. The best method to take advantage of this lure. Cast high and let it drop into the water with a “plopping” sound. This landing sound will trigger fish to bite.

*The trick is to leave it after casting
*Cast higher and let it drop with a plop


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