Bassday Pellet Pellet SS/S


Bassday Pellet Pellet è l’imitazione del classico mangime delle trote iridee: il pellet.

Si capiscono pertanto facilmente le potenzialità di questo prodotto nel trout area.

Lungo appena 20mm è disponibile nelle versioni F (floating 1.2g), SS ( slow sinking 1.9g) e S (sinking 2.4g).

Dotato di amo singolo senza ardiglione in coda.

PelletPellet SS
Size : 20mm Weight : 1.9g
Hook : Single#8(Barbless) Ring : #0
Action : Tight wobbling

PelletPellet S
Size : 20mm Weight : 2.4g
Hook : Single#8(Barbless) Ring : #0
Action : Tight wobbling


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Different than a spoon or area crank it resembles fish food.
This lure is a new category and fills the gap between spoon and area crank. It has the silhouette of a fish pellet.
Stimulating a feed response in trout with a good tight swim.
Swimming, fall and pull along the bottom.

It’s possible to capture in a variety if ranges, but basic operation of just winding and stopping is OK.

*After sinking just wind
*When spoons and cranks are not effective


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