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Freedom Football Jig

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The Freedom Tackle Football Hybrid Jig features a unique head design that minimizes snags while enhancing your bait’s action upon deflection.



The head also allows the Football Hybrid Jig to land in the optimal upright strike position, and it features a unique hook attachment that allows the hook to swing freely behind the head, enhancing your bait’s action.

Fish can’t use the jig head for leverage either, and it also allows you to change out the hook any time you like, and adapt to changing fishing conditions.

A hardened epoxy finish on the head provides added durability and a sonic brass echo chamber provides fish attracting sound.

Available in black or green pumpkin, the Freedom Tackle Football Hybrid Jig delivers a slow bait free fall for a more natural presentation and more time in the strike zone.

The Freedom Tackle Football Hybrid Jig also comes with premium black nickel chemically sharpened hooks.


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