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Mr. Twister Red Keeper Hook

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Red Hook rende un Carolina Rig molto efficace.

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The RED Keeper™ Worm Hook makes a very effective Carolina Rig. This rig is perfect for covering a lot of water while locating brush piles, rocks and other bottom structure. It is also ideal for fishing large contours like bays or points while searching for specific spots where fish are holding. Bulky lures with a slow action are excellent producers when rigged Carolina style. Lizards are preferred by many pro anglers. The Mister Twister® Super Lizard™ rigged on a Mister Twister® Keeper™ Hook is a favorite. Use a high speed casting reel with a Carolina Rig. This is needed because a lot of slack line must to be spooled before the hookset. A long medium-heavy rod provides the sweeping hookset needed to drive the hook home.


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