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Savage Gear SG2 Power Game Trigger

79,90 69,90

Power Game, rods designed for big lures, perfectly balanced for the optimal feel with a fast powerful action, to handle medium to heavy lures and muscle bigger fish safely without hook pulls or line breaks. Full rear handle for comfort. Optimal for big lures, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, gliders, and jerk baits.

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72167 7’3″ 221CM MODERATE FAST 40-80G H 2SEC 166G 114.5CM
72168 7’3″ 221CM MODERATE FAST 50-100G H 2SEC 186G 114.5CM
72169 7’3″ 221CM MODERATE FAST 70-130G XH 2SEC 205G 114.5CM
72170 8’6″ 259CM MODERATE FAST 50-110G XH 2SEC 218G 134CM
72171 8’6″ 259CM MODERATE FAST 70-130G XH 2SEC 234G 134CM


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