Vanfook SW-11F Spoon Expert Hook Wide


La serie SW-11F prodotta dalla Vanfook rappresenta una novità  appositamente sviluppata per gli spoon specifici per le tecnica di pesca del trout area nelle fasi finali di gara

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Wide Gape with Super Fine Wire for Ultra- Micro Spoon

The under 0.5g ultra-micro spoon has become indispensable for area trout in recent years.
The SW-11F hook was developed to preserve the hook point on short bites with ultra-micro spoons.

Many lightweight micro spoons move very well, but on the other hand, the torque to move the hook is small, and often the hook point does not remain on the hook when a bite occurs.
In order to hook up such bites, the SW-11F is finished with a high hardness that is just on the edge of the limit for an ultra-fine hook.
The high hardness specification is designed to eliminate deflection at the time of a bite, which occurs because of the ultra-thin shaft, and to leave the hook point without any lag.
The low deflection, combined with the sharp straight point, makes it possible to approach bites that could not be taken before.

In addition, the new design concept of “round needle point” and “forged gape” provides both strength and penetration. This reduces the risk of fish falling apart due to mouth breakage and increases the strength of the hook.

The eye size of SW-11F is adjusted for each size to increase the hooking rate.
The #10 has a very small eye to reduce the lag time until hooking and the possibility of the hook folding up and falling off when biting a micro spoon.


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