Vanfook SW-21F Spoon Expert Hook Wide


La serie SW-21F prodotta dalla Vanfook rappresenta un upgrade rispetto alla SP-21F , appositamente sviluppata per gli spoon specifici per le tecnica di pesca del trout area.

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High Strength and Hardness! Medium Wire with Wide Gape to Hook-Up Aggressively

Based on SW-21F, medium wired version with high strength and hardness.
In order to eliminate the difficulty in penetration caused by a larger shaft diameter, the wire diameter and form have been fine-tuned for each size to achieve the strength of a medium wire without sacrificing hooking power.

The new design concept of “rounded needle point” and “forged gape” achieves both strength and penetration. This reduces the risk of fish falling apart due to mouth breakage and increases the strength of the hook.

It can be used not only with spoons, but also with crankbaits, bottom baits, and minnows.
This hook has been developed especially with fast fish in mind, and is suitable for fishing with fish that are nipping at the bottom and top.

The high hardness of the hook causes little deflection at the time of a bite, and it responds to the hooking motion in a straightforward manner.
It has moderate deflection and can be used in combination with the SP-31F, which can firmly carry a chasing bite, to hook up many highly active fish!


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